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nesselhauf Dr.Katharina Gyllensvärd
University education:    

Universities of Bonn, Bielefeld, Université de Lausanne

Languages:       English, German, French
Areas of practice: Corporate law, real estate law
E-Mail: gyllensvaerd@nesselhauf.com

Dr. Katharina Gyllensvärd has practiced law since 2005. Her practice focuses on corporate law. In this area, she advises chiefly mid-sized companies, primarily in the areas of domestic and international trade, service industries (especially creative and design agencies) and tourism. Dr. Katharina Gyllensvärd advises in company formation, drawing up contracts, and supporting corporate transactions. Her practice regularly includes on-going consultation for her personal and corporate clientele and representation both in out-of-court matters and litigation.

Dr. Katharina Gyllensvärd is also versed in real estate law, specifically advising in real estate transactions.

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