Dr. Stephanie Vendt

University education: University of Hamburg
Languages: English, German
Areas of practice: Media and press law, Copyright law,Publishing law, Sports law, License contracts, Film Law

Dr. Stephanie Vendt is a founding partner of NESSELHAUF Rechtsanwälte. She specializes in press and publishing law, copyright law and sports law. In the area of press and publishing law, she represents both individuals and companies, such as publishers. Among the focuses of her practice are pre-publication consulting and litigation. Dr. Stephanie Vendt is a specialist lawyer for media and copyright law, a member of the Committee for Copyright and Media Law at the law society in Hamburg (Rechtsanwaltskammer Hamburg). She is an lecturer at the Academy for Journalism (Akademie für Publizistik), Hamburg, and author of the chapters on Special Legal Protection of Individual Privacy Rights, Protection of Names, Protection of the Spoken Word, and Corporate Protection in the Hamburg Commentary on All Areas of Media Law (Hamburger Kommentar für das gesamte Medienrecht).

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